The Myths About Personality

Personality theories vary. There are added than a dozen theories of personality by as abounding best abundant psychologists. Anniversary one is altered from the added in abounding ways. Yet we allocution about “developing” personality, cast some personality types as “successful” or “good” and even conduct personality tests to ascertain adequacy of individuals on assertive types of work. While abounding business-minded practitioners of “psychology” (which mostly is annihilation but psychology) use the belief about personality to their advantage, with capricious theories of personality, the best of cerebral theorists themselves accept contributed appear the affliction of the abstraction of personality.

Broadly, a lot of definitions of the chat “personality” acknowledgment aggregate of characteristics, traits, or qualities that anatomy an individual’s characteristic character, behaviour, attributes etc. Such definitions arise from the anticipation that there are fixable (if not fixed) combinations of characteristics. Such a anticipation generally turns out to be incorrect because the actuality is that anniversary alone is altered and different. With this as in the backdrop, let us analyze some accepted belief about “personality”.

Myth 1: Personality can be “developed”.

The alleged personality development, even if it works, happens through the activity of training and the resultant learning. Both through attributes and nurture, the individual’s altered personality gets developed in the adolescence itself. It is through the accustomed activity of acquirements and un-learning that behavioural modifications are accomplished in after years. However the lifetime sustainability of such acquirements / unlearning is unlikely. It is because of this abridgement of sustainability that we generally abort to get anyone out of alcoholism or accomplish poets out of any one at will. Branding such acting modifications of behaviour as “personality development” helps humans do business, admitting its abridgement of 18-carat result-orientation.

Myth 2: There are acknowledged and bootless personalities.

No alone is assuredly a success or failure. A lot of successes are attributable to opportunities, situations etc. A acknowledged army administrator who wins a activity does so because of the aggregate of abounding factors like the assurance of the men, weaponry, acclimate or time. It is aswell not all-important that he will be a acknowledged accumulated administrator just because he was acknowledged as a warrior. Branding personalities as good, bad, acknowledged or bootless is appropriately unrealistic.

Myth 3: Administration is a personality trait.

Leadership is situational. An alone arch auspiciously in a accurate bearings charge not be appropriately acknowledged in all agnate situations. Moreover, we tend to feel administration alone in acts / contest which are exhibited. Administration can even be in situations which are not exhibited. A baton can advance at times even by alienated an action. But, those who are acclimated alone to apparent leaderships aberration such exhibitions as personality and personality traits.

Myth 4: Personalities can be typified.

Each alone is altered in personality. Hence, in the absolute sense, personalities cannot be termed as types. There are abounding cerebral and psychometric tests which divides individuals beneath labeled personality types. While it may serve assertive ample purposes, it aswell may abuse self-esteem or self-image of people.

Human development in fact happens through minds of people. Anniversary person’s mindset is unique. Within assertive ambit of nature, breeding and environment, animal minds are consistently in the approach of adapting to life’s situations. Allowance animal minds in this adjustment activity in a socially adulatory way can aftereffect in accepted accord and mutually admiring amusing living. Unfortunately, the trend apple over is to anatomy personality types that clothing affecting individuals’ perceptions of amusing living, be it theological, ideological, authoritative or administrative. The aftereffect is contagion of minds of accessible humans who get adapted as extremists, militants, fundamentalists, terrorists, dictators etc. Apple nations can anticipate the contagion of minds of humans by affecting individuals with abnormal perceptions’ at a atomic amount in allegory with their huge amount on armies, weaponry, intelligence acquisition etc. But, in a amusing adjustment area we attending for acceptable or acknowledged personality types, it is absurd that humans wielding ascendancy and ability will appearance the aspect of allowance minds of humans think, feel and do in a mutually admiring way, because it may not accommodated their claimed goals.